Sarah P. Illinois

Making Voting Easier

Looking back at the 2016 presidential election, many patriotic citizens in America were able to vote. However, the registration and voting process makes it inconvenient to everyday people. Through this letter, our president, Donald J. Trump, can make regulations of efficient and easier voting laws. With these laws, more Americans will be able to vote and fulfil their civic duty.

Dear Donald J. Trump,

First off, congratulations on your successful campaigning. Because of your hard work and determination, you have become our 45th president of the United States of America. With this title, you are expected to uphold everything our country believes in, especially voting rights. Through voting, the common American is able to exercise their voting rights and serve their civic duty. However, many Americans are not legal citizens and find it difficult to register to vote. With consideration of all the people, you will be able to allow more and more Americans participating in voting rights.

Our country’s past, present, and future voters all determine who will lead our thriving nation. These voters are the people who make the USA so great. On the contrary, when the people of America are not given the opportunity to vote for various reasons, such as: partial citizenship, registration forms and fees, and voting time slots.

In personal experience, my hardworking and loving parents have not been able to vote because the registering process is confusing and time-costly. Many millions of Americans, like them, could have gotten the chance to vote in this last presidential election if voting laws were enlightened. Overall, without the participation of the people, voting wouldn’t even exist. So, through this letter, I encourage you to follow the people and understand that each and every person deserves to exercise their right to vote.


Sarah P.