Shannon D. Illinois

Abortion Views

The views on abortion are all different, but my hope is that you see what the people want, and not what you think should be right.

Dear Future President,

In the eyes of Americans, killing people is wrong. They say ¨an eye for an eye,¨ but in the issues of abortion, that is not how other people see it. Girls or women do not receive any punishable actions when they kill their unborn baby because of a mistake. Other people see abortion as a way out or fixing a mistake that they have made and getting a second chance. I am bringing up the issue of abortion because there is a high controversy about whether or not abortion should be legalized. Some people do not believe in pro choice because regardless of the child being unborn, they are still human. I believe that women should be able to have the opportunity to make their own choices about their own body. Having a child takes a tole on the body and is a huge decision that women should be able to choose themselves.

Pro choice is a making abortion legal in America. My hope is that you as the next president keep abortion legalized because it is a choice that women should be able to make on their own. In the Roe v Wade case, Roe believe that it should be legal in all states regardless of her not being in danger because it was her choice. Not having the right to do something that you want to do, is a violation of the Constitution. There are factors such as rape, unpreparedness or being unable to support that child, that go into why abortion should be legalized. Women who are raped and end up becoming pregnant with a child that they do not want to carry, should have the right to terminate that pregnancy within the limits of when you can get an abortion. There are some women out there who are simply unprepared and are not ready to take that ¨big step” yet. Being able to have a choice about something you want to do should be a topic that you care about future president. Now I understand that downsides to abortion and why people do not believe in having them legal.

Abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy. Killing a child whether they are unborn or not, is being seen as a horrible act and should be punishable. For some people, having that choice of terminating a human life should not be an option and is wrong to even make an effort to keep legal. People believe that if a woman doesn’t want a child, than they should take precautionary measures to make sure that pregnancy doesn’t happen. Some might say that it is their fault for getting pregnant and should have to deal with the consequences. I still strongly believe in giving women the right to their own decisions.

There should be limitations on how many weeks you can abort a child. I think that abortion should not be allowed passed three months of being pregnant. Especially weeks before the pregnancy has almost come to full term because that could be risky for the mother's health. I hope that you will strongly consider keeping abortion legalized because as president, you should be a person of everyone’s interest. Letting women have their right to not have a child should be something they deal with and believe that they have their own right to do so. Thank you.


Shannon David