Tim O. Illinois

Gun Control

Why Us Citizens Need Guns

Dear President,

The topic of gun control is a very troubling one. On one hand, people with guns are killing other people. Countries with a super strict gun control policy have way less gun violence crimes reported. On the other hand, The constitution of American states that the citizens have the right to bear arms, and that is how the law of the land should be.

 This is a very important issue to me, there are so many lunatics and psychotics out there trying to hurt and kill and rob people. A gun in the hands of a responsible citizen will save lives. I am a scared human being because of the way the world is today. To many people doing bad things and are just let back out on the streets. Judges slapping criminals on the wrists and letting them walk away like it was no big deal. But there is a lot of added safety if there is somebody carrying a legal firearm.

There is a huge added safety and criminal deterrent if they know that somebody is carrying/owns a gun. It is common sense if anything, do you think that somebody would rob you if they knew you had a fully loaded Glock on your belt? Or break into your house with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun behind the door? I didn't think so. The more responsible Americans with firearms in society is a hell of a lot safer world than police could make it on their own.

I would also like to bring up a question about lowering the age of concealed carry to 18 instead of 21. I I know that this is a state issue rather than a federal issue. But I think that it is time for gun control to become a federal issue. How come Uncle Sam can ship 18 year old people overseas, hand them a fully automatic AR-15 assault rifle, tell them to shoot the bad guys, and then not let them come home and shoot the bad guys for the safety of our citizens and countries overall well being. 

To finalize, the majority of American people are good, responsible people. Those people should have their constitutional rights not taken away from them and they should be allowed to carry a registered, legal firearm at the age of 18. It is okay if you do not believe in god or guns but I can promise that the first things you will do in the case of somebody breaking into your house, is call somebody that has a gun and pray that they get there in time.

Sincerely, Tim Otter