Rebecca C. Illinois

College expenses

College has always been the next step of my life after high school and still is but for some people college is not there next stop in high school. Simply because some can not afford college. Not pursing your education because of cost is very upsetting for some people.

Dear Future President, 

College tuition today is extremely high and is not getting any lower. Lowering the cost will give students a chance to go to a college. Think about how many students do not attend college just because of the cost. Lowering the cost will give more students the opportunity to go to college and be successful. No stress about tuition can actually increase the number of students that go to college. We should give all students a chance to succeed. Some Students choose not to go college because of the cost when they really have a lot potential to do well and to further their education. A main concern that juniors and seniors in high school are starting to face is college costs. College tuition leaves students in debt when graduating college. On top of trying to pay off college loans, students are searching for a job that they just spent four years of learning and paying for. Tuition is increasing which is just decreasing the number of students that attend college. More students going to college is a good thing instead of just watching some students with lots of potential throw there life away. I know that going to a university after high school is where the next step of my life is going to take me so I can further my education and study a major I am interested in. Also, students are paying an outrageous amount of money on college and sometimes the colleges don't always use the money for the college actually needs. If I am paying for college I want every penny to be put into the college that will be beneficial to me. Remodeling new courts, stadiums, and fields is sometimes not a necessity. Many students leave college with lots of debt due to loans. Along with tuition there are other costs associated with going to a four-year college. Food, living, textbooks, schools supplies, and much much more are also added to the cost of college not just tuition. In conclusion, the college tuition should be lowered so everyone can afford to go to college. Students who want to improve and expand their knowledge should have a chance to go to colleges. I hope you consider this issue. 


Rebecca Cleven