megan k. Illinois

Safety on College Campuses

It is finally my turn to be going off to college soon, I am extremely excited, I've been waiting my whole life for this. The safety on college campuses is a serious matter and should be more serious to the college administration.

Most colleges have very good safety on campus and some don't but it should be taken as a more serious matter. We are not doing enough about sexual assault on college campuses. When I think of safety on college campuses it makes me think of college students binge drinking which causes an increased amount of possibility of rape or other associations to rape. Most of these students are female, but not all. If you ask at least one woman, she could tell you that has been or knows someone that has been a victim of sexual assault. Every 109 seconds someone experiences sexual assault, that number is way too high and has made a very big rise in the last couple years. I am going off to college in less than a year and to be honest, the statistic above is scaring me for college. 

Colleges are finally trying to do something about it but they are clearly not doing enough, they need to express more guidelines to prevent sexual assault. Many people are scared to speak out about an occurrence of sexual assault that happened, colleges need to be more aware of this and do something about it. The affects of sexual assault can have on you afterwards van be so  miserable and no college wants that for any student, they need to realize this.