Liam F New Jersey

Protecting Coral Reefs

I believe that our number one issue to focus on should be coral reefs.

Dear Mr. President, November 4, 2016

Our reefs are in trouble. Dr. Jacques Cousteau from stated that “up to 84% of turtles, fish, sharks, and other marine life will eventually be gone unless we take further action to protect and develop our coral reefs.”

If we do not work to prevent more pollution this creator of marine life which makes up 70% of the ocean will continue to deplete until there is no more. Without coral reefs there will only be 10% of the fish that there are with the coral reefs. Pollution will change the most decorated sea life into a one color museum of dead and rotten plants. If we protect them there will be a continued large variety of growing life and color in our ocean.

Coral reefs present many jobs to humans. These cities of life give people jobs like charter fisherman, scuba divers, and marine biologists...etc. If these organisms spread so will more of these jobs. More issues would continue to go with this one if we just stop polluting.

The steps to help protect coral reefs would also help prevent pollution and the wide known theory of “Global Warming” because by conserving and not littering are easy steps to helping all enviroment. By this the world will be a better place.

Some people could say that coral reefs aren’t the world and we should focus on the entire environment. They think that we can’t just focus on the coral reefs. If they knew the facts I think they would have an entirely different opinion.

I strongly believe before we solve any other problems we should put all our attention on this one. This type of life simply only can be positive for Earth and its is only growing more healthy every day we protect it. By protecting this, other issues will immediately start to fade.

There will be many grave consequences unless we take further steps to protect our reefs. All of the life in the ocean that we glorify will have vanished if we falter in our attempt to take action soon. This is one of the world's most important places and we should care for this wonderful feature. What will you do to protect it? Sincerely, Liam F

Brielle Elementary

Eighth Grade Citizens

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