Madison F. California

World Hunger

Why world hunger needs to be helped.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Think twice before you through that half eaten apple away because there are people all around the world who would be happy for even half of your apple.World hunger is a problem that needs to be helped because, millions of people are dying and lack of education from this can occur.

People dying from starvation is a huge problem because no one has really put too much effort into this and it has been looked over many times which is not good. Around 3.1 million children die a year. ( Adults are able to hold themselves up a little better without food than children, because adults have a better hold. Children 5 and under were proven to die the most in 2013. ( ). Children this age or any age should not be dying do to lack of food.

Hunger can affect education greatly because kids aren’t able to concentrate. Do to hunger, children aren't able to have brain development to their fullest ability. Around 66 million primary schools have children going hungry. (Hastings). Kids aren’t able to learn as much because it is hard to take in what they are learning. This means that kids aren't learning at an average age which can affect them hugely when they are older.

No one wants to pay for someone who can't even pay for themselves. If we made a tax to try and fix hunger many people would have to pay more taxes. People normally don't really wants to pay taxes so why should we add more. Donations are ok because citizens are not forced to pay for others.

World hunger needs to be helped because it not only can cause death but also lack of learning, and can make it hard for children and adults to live a happy, healthy life.



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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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