Jose S. New Jersey



Jose Suarez

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford, NJ 07480

November 3, 2016

Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President:

Hello, my name is Jose Suarez. As a freshman at West Milford High School, I am concerned with the issues of violence. There are many types of violences that need to be stopped, such as domestic, gun, sexual, etc. The definition of violence clearly states that violence is behavior that involves physical force towards something or someone. In this letter, I am going to explain why violence must stop and get taken care of. People are getting hurt all over the world because of it.

First, I will talk about the background on this issue. According to the World Health Organization, 3,800 people are killed per day and 1.4 million people are killed per year because of violence. Also, 80% of deaths from violence come from suicides or homicides. There are three main types of violence. However, there are plenty of violences that are being done to people. The first one is physical violence. Physical violence involves someone used physical force to cause pain or to hurt someone. Some examples of these pains would be hitting, punching, pinching, beating, pushing, etc. The list can go on forever. Physical violence usually leads to death. The next type of violence is sexual violence. Sexual violence can be harmful in many ways. One way is when someone touches another person without that person giving consent to the person doing the touching. Also, when someone tries to force someone to perform sexual acts when they don’t want to. This could also cause death. The last type of main violence would be emotional violence. Emotional violence includes name calling, humiliating or making fun of someone else, blaming someone else for something they didn’t even do, or threatening to do something to someone.

Next, I will talk about the causes of violence. Firstly, if a child is being abused, beaten, or hit, the child will most likely copy the parents actions. That is not good for a child to learn that young. They might grow up to be like their parents and copy their actions. Then, they will become murderers and it just continues to get bad from there. Also, neglect of anyone could be a cause of violence. If someone is neglected, they become disoriented because they are not with their original family. People that are neglected tend to get angry and emotional because they don’t feel loved. To prevent all of this from happening, people should try to treat each other nicely and with respect. Also, people should love people for who they are so no one gets hurt or neglected.

Then, I will talk about the effects of the issue. A lot of violence is towards women because men think that they are “helpless” and “weak” so they attack them. A lot of the effects are towards women, but some are the same for men. Effects include lack of motivation, mental health problems, sleeping, eating, severe pain and injuries, and sexual health problems. For children, like I said in an earlier paragraph, are usually effected when it comes to parental behavior. Other effects for children include nightmares, fears, and injury or even death. For a community as a whole, such as a country, state, city, or even the entire world includes violence that spreads throughout the entirety of these places.

Finally, I will talk about the different perspectives on violence. Some people think violence is good, however most of the people think that it’s a horrible thing and it should not be done. People that agree with violence being a good thing would say that people sometimes feel that it is right to hit somebody for something they did wrong. Also, they would agree that people just want to let their anger out. On the other hand, people that disagree with violence would say that people do not deserve to get beat or hit severely. People could just talk it out rather than using physical violence. Also, those that disagree would say that people should just take nicer approaches to things that people did wrong.

As you can see, violence is a big issue. Especially in the United States. People all over are getting involved, and that is not a good thing. I would like you to do whatever you can to stop violence from occurring. If you can’t stop it, at least try to slow it down. It would save many lives and many injuries. It will stop a lot of chaos from happening. Almost everyday you see a new case of violence popping up on the news. Please try your best to fix this problem. Maybe make punishments more harsh for people who commit crimes like these. Maybe that will slow down the spread of violence.