Andrew B. Michigan

Climate Change

Argument on global warming and if it is real or not.

Dear Future President,

When people hear global warming, they may think it’s a hoax, made up by the government, or not caused by human interaction. As much as I want to believe this, there is too much evidence to prove for global warming. It is proven that ice glaciers have been melting, water temperatures have been rising, and water levels have been rising as well. Global warming is too dangerous for you to not take action upon it, based on the evidence that has proven that global warming is a real issue.

Ever since 1975, global warming has been talked about as an issue that had potential for disaster for our future generations. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, methane, and many more. Carbon dioxide has been released into the air by burning of fossil fuels for fuel, burning of wood, and surprisingly a lot of methane is being released through cow dung. Global warming is the trapping of heat in the atmosphere that is heating the earth which is causing consequences like melting glaciers and loss of habitat of many species. In fact, global warming has caused the ocean temperature to rise and has put coral reefs into danger. If these coral reefs don't adapt fast enough to the warmer temperatures, than they could be destroyed. Coral reefs are homes to thousands of species, showing that this could be catastrophic to the ocean life cycle if they were to be destroyed. Some may say that all of this change is caused naturally and not caused by human activity. This is important to consider because you never want to be one sided on an issue so that you can receive all of the information you can on both sides. One argument they have is that climate change is part of the normal cycle or earth. We are not causing this climate change and we never know what the normal climate change is because of of how long the earth has been here and how short humans have, showing that the global climate change is invalid. You could believe in this if you want, but when it comes down to facts, there is too much evidence to prove that climate change is happening rapidly from the effect of global warming, and something needs to be done about it.

Global warming is an issue with two simple views. One says it is real, the other says it's not. Both sides are important to consider when deciding if global warming is an issue that needs to be acted upon. That is why I have collected data for both sides of the argument. To start, I want to look at the evidence that shows global warming isn't real. Global warming has been a problem nationally for about 40 years, and the world has been around for about 4 and a half billion years. So how could we know what the normal climate change could be with so little information on the previous years of earth's past. Predictions have been made that global warming could cause snow to disappear and children won't know what snow is. But in reality, we have seen record snowfall in many areas and snowfall has been on the increase since 1980 by 30%! It's hard to believe that the world is warming up with this big increase in snowfall in the past 35 years, and with all the predictions that snowfall would decrease in the next 20 years, it's hard to believe that will happen because of the increase in the past. Which could lead someone to believe that the predictions are not reliable and that global warming isn't real. Therefore, the argument that global warming is a hoax is a valid argument that needs to be considered when deciding if global warming need to be acted upon or not.

Global warming has been seen as many things. Some say it's a hoax, some say it's made up by the government, but some actually believe that global warming is a real global issue that needs to be acted upon as soon as possible. Global warming has been an issue ever since the United States and many other nations have increased their reliance on fossil fuels and energy. The coal used to produce this energy is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the oil used to power our cars for our personal transportation. In fact, coal is the main source of the total United States greenhouse gas emissions with 24.5% in 2012. This is super important because it is showing that the United States are a large factor in causing global warming and proves that something needs to be done about it. Coal is such a large part of our greenhouse gas emissions and if we could start using renewable energy we could decrease this dramatically. Therefore, the argument that global warming is real is a valid argument that needs to be considered when deciding if global warming need to be acted upon or not.

When looking at all the data from my research,and considering both sides of the argument, I have decided that global warming is a real issue that needs to be acted upon as soon as possible. Global warming has caused so many issues that are just being ignored by the non global warming believers. For example, melting ice glaciers in Antarctica have been losing about 134 billion metric tons of ice per year since 2002. This ice that is melting is habitat for many of species that are crucial to the food cycle in Antarctica and could cause a chain reaction between species. This melting ice directly leads to the rising sea levels, and with the warmer temperatures it is causing the sea temperatures too. The rising sea levels can damage cities and small towns on the shoreline from the higher level of water, which could cause flooding. The bigger problem is that the rising temperatures in the sea will disrupt coral reefs. Coral reefs are a huge part in the ecosystem because it is the home of hundreds of species. So many people use these species as food, because a lot of the species in coral reefs are fish. A Lot of people in the world today are already hungry, this could just add to the problem. This is just more evidence that global warming is too dangerous not to take action upon it. All the problems it has with the ecosystem could cause a chain reaction in every population of species. This could affect someone you know. If they are fisherman in the ocean, they could see a dramatic loss of fish caught and could affect their business and have a huge loss of food. Now it is time for you Mr. President. Something needs to be done about global warming because of all the evidence I stated above. I hope to see more investment in renewable energy sources. With this, we will be using less fossil fuels and more importantly less coal. These will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and ultimately reduce global warming. I hope you take consideration in everything I listed above and hope you choose to take action upon it.