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The problem off Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is problem that everyone doesn't see and that media makes look good

Dear future president,

Same-sex marriage is a problem that the supreme court legalized in June, 2015. This problem is unaware by the citizens of the United States. Media always portrays same-sex marriage as the best thing in the world. However, media has always done a good job of hiding the fact that homosexuals and lesbians in a relationship are more likely to get STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) than people in a normal relationship, and that most men in a homosexual relationship cheat on each other. Another thing is, people are generally uncomfortable around two people of the same gender that are in a relationship.

Some scientific facts found out by following scientists, R. S. Hogg, S. A. Strathdee, Robert T. Michael, Camille Paglia, Gordon Mansergh, Grant Colfax, Joseph Harry, ]Marcel T. Saghir, M.D. and Eli Robins, M.D., http://factsaboutyouth.com/posts/health-risks-of-the-homosexual-lifestyle/ is that homosexuals and lesbians actually live less than normal people. They live about 20 years less than expected. Homosexuals and lesbians in a relationship are more likely to get STds than people in a heterosexual relationship. Facts also show that 66% of men that are in a homosexual relationship have sex outside with their relationship, which means that the majority of “happy” homosexual marriages ends up with the partners cheating on each other.

Same-sex marriage is unnatural. I’m proposing a change in the law. To get rid of the right to same-sex marriage. Doing that could lessen the amount of people that unfortunately get affected with STDs per year.  Love isn't suppose to be something people are desperate for.  It isn't necessary for life.  Homosexuals and lesbians technically don't have to have the right to marry people that are of the same sex.  Love is a want, not a need.