Anthony K. Minnesota

Global Warming

Global warming and climate change

Dear President Trump,

As a young American I am worried about the future of our climate and the effects it may have on the future of Humanity. The information currently available is very troubling and I have some very justified concerns about the quality of my life and health in the future. As President, you have the responsibility to make certain that the very best information is made available to the public and it is your job as the leader of this nation to act accordingly. I am aware that current studies have shown a varying degree of findings and many of these studies are either not reporting the entire truth or being paid to find and publish findings that will benefit one company over another and to continue to make more money than their competitors with their more jaw-dropping findings. With your leadership and with the assistance of the assets you have access to, I hope that the people of the United States of America can trust in the findings that you encounter and that we will receive the most accurate facts, completely clear of all human manipulation. I am very worried and hoping that during your term as president we can finally end the climate change debate.

Tony Kalb