Otegao. New Jersey

Letter to the President

Dear president- elect Trump,

Our country is in great danger of losing its great name, all because of climate change. We can prevent this by putting signs that say do not litter, or even commercial or adds about not throwing garbage into the ocean or on the ground, or just be a leader, and pick the garbage bags off the ground.

The world is too big and to nice to fill it up with trash and put trash in our nice waters. According to the human resource group majority of people are the cause for all of the climate change because of them throwing trash on the ground and not taking care of our community. Littering in public places is illegal in several parts of the country but still some people do it.

We can fix problem, by not littering in public places, or by putting up signs saying that if you litter you will be charged to pay for every piece of litter. Also if you see anybody litter you should take action and call the police, or even pick it up. Make sure you are keeping an eye out for littering because you can never know, one of your close friends can even be littering as we speak right now.