Kelly New Jersey


All about Immigration

Dear future president,

I am wanted to inform you that I have a problem with immigration. I believe that not everyone that is an immigrant is a criminal. Some of this immigrants come to the United States because they need food, money and they can come to the United States to make their dreams come true. Another problem is that people who are immigrants are being discriminated.

Immigrants come to the U.S because they want to start a new life. They see America as a land of opportunity and where there is freedom and where their children can have a better life. Wouldn't you want to move to America to give your children a better life and for you to have a successful life and career?

Today people that are immigrants are being discriminated for not being legal. Would you like if you were being discriminated ? We today live in a world with racism that is all over the whole world  that doesn't give any right for some people to discriminate immigrants. In conclusion we should treat everyone with equal respect.  

By: Kelly