Kenady North Dakota

Letter to the next president


Dear future president,

As you start your first term in the White House, you're going to be pretty busy. As a sophomore in high school, I have some concerns.

Pollution is quite a big deal here, in the U.S. Not only water and ground pollution, but air pollution as well. So many factories around the country contribute to this growing problem. People may say that it’s the coal mines and plants, which we have several in my home state of North Dakota that send electricity to a vast amount of Northern America. I am not saying that the plants are not a factor in air pollution, but it is such a small amount compared to all of the factories and what they put out into our atmosphere. Yes, these are important. If we would not have the efficiency and productivity of the factories, we wouldn't have all of the technology we have today, such as our shoes, electronics, etc. Think about it, we can reduce the pollution greatly if we could find more ways to power the machinery and filter the waste.

We, as humans, make mistakes. We roll down the window of our vehicles and throw out a bottle from the soda we just drank without even thinking about it. That plastic that somebody just threw out could be of danger to several animals and will not break down into the earth for a good couple of thousand years. Something needs to change. You could make a public announcement and encourage people to use the resources in their towns.

You, as the leader of this country can make a change. Put more recycling bins up in more towns. Spend more money on improving this country instead of wasting it on things that will not further the economy of the country.