Alaysia F. Michigan

Sexual Harassment In Young American Teens

Sexual Harassment in Teens

Dear whom this may concern,

Hello my name is Alaysia and I wanted to bring to your attention sexual harassment and how this is affecting the world today. Some people need to be informed of the seriousness on the topic of sexual harassment on young adults because it’s not just girls that get harassed, you would be surprised on the amount of boys who are sexually harassed as well and most of the time it’s by a person of the same age group, but it could also happen between young children and adults. People never know how something that happened in their childhood could follow them for the rest of their life.

The topic of being sexually harassed maybe a very sensitive subject because people rarely talk about it but you know that it happens all around the world. During the one year period in the U.S. 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been a victim of sexual harassment. Most cases go unreported because some children are too young to know what is going on. The people who commit this crime won’t come forward and it is the community's job to help decrease the number of sexual harassment cases that go on. Also over the course of a lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages from 14-17 have been a victim of sexual harassment.

A large amount of girls are sexually harassed in their late teenage years when they are abused by sexual harassment. Females ages are ranged between 16-19 and are four times more likely than general population for victims of sexual harassment. Also 12.3% of females are sexually harassed by the age of 10 or younger. Some may wonder why are girls targeted more than boys, not to say that boys don't get sexually harassed because they do. Girls have a lower percentages in a early age. But a higher percentage over a lifetime in the category of sexual harassment. Girls are targeted more than boys due to the thought of others that believe that girls are weaker. The boys happen to get sexually harassed in their earlier teenage years as well as girls. 28% of men were at the age of 10 or younger when they are sexually abused which is way higher than females. Many think that it’s not possible for boys to get harassed. Also less boys are sexually harassed because they are physically stronger than girls and would have more power compared to girls.

A way to put a stop to sexual harassment in young adults is to get the community involved and ask for help to show young adults that it is ok to stand up and let someone know how you feel, rather than letting it continue. Also by letting others know could form a bond with other people that could possibly help you put that person away in jail or to be given serious consequences.

Sexual harassment on young adults is not okay and will not be tolerated. You never know how a person could feel or how it could affect their life. Both boys and girls get sexually harassed and it becoming a bigger problem in the world today because their is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t get sexually harassed which is sad today but it does happen. Putting these people away is the best option because if no one helps then nothing will get done so get involved instead of letting the problem evolve.

Sincerely, Alaysia