Bailey Ohio

Help Stop Child Sexual Abuse!

Protect those who can't stand up for themselves.

                                                                                                                                                         October,31 2016

Dear Future President,

Most children that are being sexually abused don’t even know it. They think it is a part of a normal childhood. 96% of rape survivors know their perpetrator. That means someone they know has betrayed them and maybe someone they love. Because children don’t usually tell their parents what happened the parents need to take classes to see the signs of rape or sexual abuse. Most parents don’t even know their child is being abused. If the child won’t tell them then they may see their rapist everyday and be constantly reminded about it. That is mental abuse. I know, I have went through it.

We need to help rape survivors because those ⅕ of USA’s children can’t protect themselves. Telling people was the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. I can relate to people. There needs to be an anonymous groups in all major cities. Only 30% of sexual assault cases in the USA are reported, that’s 90,000 a year. 1 woman or child gets raped every 15 minutes. I want to try to pass a law that no rape perpetrator walks free if there is evidence against him. I think that will decrease the number of rapes a year.

I think it would be beneficial if we made a law that anyone who comes forward for being a victim of child rape the court has to give the trial towards the person. At least a full investigation. There should be no bias during the investigation. For example treat a poor person the same has a rich person in the investigation. There needs to be people and families for that person to go to. I know the feeling when you don’t have someone. That’s loneliest you can ever be in your life. I know most of the world population can relate.

There is a variety to side affects after you confess such has low self-esteem, chronic depression, and multiple personalities and that is just short term consequences. Long term side effects are nightmares, venereal disease, fear of exposing body, anxiety over sex, and signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. I feel that most, if not all, cases the victim needs some form of therapy.

No innocent or even not innocent child should go through what I and ⅕ of the USA’s children. If you truly care for us -the children of the USA- then you need to do something to help stop this. We have to protect those we love.

Sincerely, Bailey.

Fairfield Middle School

Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade students

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