Ashleigh M. Michigan

Animal Abuse & poaching

I am a 9th grader at Northview High School. I am writing about animal abuse and poaching and why it's an issue.

Dear Future President,

          Issues on animal abuse and poaching is that most doctors say animals are a key to certain medicine's like rhino's and elephant's have a treatment in their tusk's/horn. I think that animal abuse and poaching is wrong because its not right and most people are starting to kill too many animals for fun and things that we could find in something else.

          Personal connections that go to me is, It impacts me in different ways, like makes me mad or sad to see them do this to animals. I don't think we should kill or lock animals up anymore. Animals are something to look at or certain ones for food and drinks. Most people kill animals for no reason like for decorations in houses or rugs and its not right. Animals are so much more than that.  They are pets living creatures that are the same as us. They are natures gift for us to see. If they weren't here, we probably wouldn't be either.

          The less animals the less food, drinks, plantation, and life. Animals are the key to our life that's why we have plants, pets, food. They give those and we give them nothing in return other than a good job or a pat on the head. Like really, we need animals for care and protection not medicine and rug's and etc. Most animals may look evil or dangerous but they are kind and caring. We can train them to keep us safe, a lead for the blind, and a helper for hunting. 

          The causes of these issues are that we think that animals are beautiful so we kill them for rug's, head mount's on the wall or a coat. Others kill them for their bones, horns, skin and meat. Some of this is because some animals apparently have a medicine in them that can help heal people from a disease. I don't think that's true. I think they kill them for things they need for others they might not say about.

          What can be done to prevent this is to set animals in zoo's and cages free, and people that want a pet need to swear that they will never lay a negative hand on a pet even if they are bad.  Just put them in their bed and tell them no. They will learn one way or another. Animals might be a big pain and a big problem but they don't deserve to be hit or killed or put in the cold to die and starve. I want people to stop what they do to animals and change. Do some good don't turn good dog's into bad dog's, Even Pitt bull's, rottweiler's, and doberman pinscher's are the biggest hit for the worst dogs. no they are not they are great for so many things that can help people. They can help guard homes, protect kids from kidnappers, help blind, all that stuff and even more but people don't they are qualified for it. they can be and there is always on word to help. "give them a "chance". That's all, just give them a chance to see if they can do it and if they can. see they are not as bad as you thought.

          I don't want to say hate but I have a deep negative feeling to how people take animals and pet's. Please help animals live and not be suffered for negative ways to end their life's. Let animals be appreciated and loved. Not get a home then have to be beaten after getting love for adoption or be taken from their family in the wild. Animals are like humans too, think of when you lay a hand on an animal think of your kids being them, how does that make you feel...yea please give animals a happy healthy life and change the world for them. Not have them tremble in fear.

Ashleigh M.

Northview High School

4th Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 4th hour 9th grade English students.

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