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Space Expansion

We should put forth all efforts to expand into space.

Dear Mr President,

Space. It truly has become the final frontier. Once we conquer the realm of space, humanity can do anything, go anywhere. It is absolutely vital that humanity expands to at least one other planet. Space needs to be explored and expanded into.

Have you flown anywhere? Do you remember what it was like, to step off the plane, for the first time? To immerse yourself in a new society? Did it feel amazing when you got there? Imagine the same feeling, to go somewhere you've always wanted to go, as you set foot on the red planet.

There are, however, some groups of people that don't want to expand into space. There are those who want to stay and fix the problems that are currently destroying the Earth; people who think we will use some of the same “destructive” methods that we used on earth. They are not wrong. Things need to be improved on earth, But the benefits of traveling to outer space, outweigh the costs by an extreme margin. The ability to expand in general, the innovations and insights that come from it, the possibility to find other intelligent life are all out there.Those who wish to hold back the expansion in space want to hold back the progress of humankind.

It is very important that we expand to other worlds. Humanity must continue to expand its knowledge and understanding of the universe. For example if there were to be a cataclysmic disaster on Earth, and there were no other places where human life existed, Humanity as we know it will have been eradicated.In the event of such a disaster and Humanity has expanded, the human race will continue to persevere.

In the event that we do expand, it is important not to let tyranny and capitalism corrupt this idea. If we are to expand, this requires the support of a majority of countries and capitals. We cannot let petty squabbles divide, and ruin the glory that is space expansion. The people must unite in order to accomplish this without flaw or discrimination.

Not only are their survival benefits but there are technological and scientific benefits as well. For example just getting a person to another planet is a feat within itself. To be able To study and observe other planets with people living on them can provide invaluable research opportunities and advancements. Eventually humanity will unlock the potential of the universe and everything it has to offer. In doing so humanity will achieve something far greater than it ever could by just existing on Earth.

I urge everyone to support the idea of space exploration as this can change how we understand the universe. So ,with all due respect, mr. president will you drive Humanity forward? or will you hold it back?

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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