Ken S. Michigan

College Sexual Assault

Sexual assault needs to stop

Dear Future President,

First of all congratulations on winning the election. I'm pretty sure you have many things that you have to worry about now. However I just wanted to bring some problems to light that has been happening for a long time. That is the cases of sexual assault that has to do with athletes. It's been going on for a few years and there isn't much being done to stop it.

A very big recent one was the case of Brock Turner. Brock was a swimmer at stanford university who was good enough to swim in the olympics apparently. Brock was convicted for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. She asked to not be named so we don't know who she is or how old she is. All we know is that they both were at a party and she had got so drunk she didn't even know what happened to her the next day. He raped her behind a trashcan and two people saw him and stopped him.

When Turner got his sentencing he only got six months in a county jail. The judge said that Turner wasn't “fit for jail”. The father pleaded that the judge should be lenient because his son's whole life should not be effected by “20 minutes of action”. How does that sound to you? The judge believed he wasn't “fit for prison”. Just because he didn't have any other crimes on his record. What made it even worse that was the minimum sentence and he was let out in three months with good behavior. When he was let out of jail no one knew and he was released at night. If it had been someone else they would not be allowed that privacy and they wouldn't care if somebody tried to attack him when he was released.

Over a three year study, statistics show that male athletes make up 3.3% of the population and they represent 19% of assault perpetrators. Also, one of three college sexual assaults are from male athletes and a college athlete is said to rape seven times before actually being caught. However when they actually do get caught they don't really get in trouble. They get the minimum sentence like Tucker or get away with it.

As the newly renounced president, I’m asking you what will you do about this? Will you help change the laws?... Or just ignore it and hold it off just like any other bystander.


Kenneth S.