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Sexual Harassment

My letter to the next president about Sexual Harassment.

Dear the President,

Out of all of the problems of the many problems in our corrupt country the problem i chose to address is Sexual Harassment in Schools and in Workplaces.

Depending on who wins the election, this letter is directed towards you.

As i’m sure you know we have a lot of problems with our society, you are in charge of our country because, we the people chose to vote you in there and we chose you to help us fix the problems that need to be fixed and stop what needs to be stopped. You did not get in office because of how popular you are, if you delete your emails or not, if your dad loaned you a million dollars, and many more crazy things people come up with these days. You are in office to help better our country, you have to have the mindset “For the People” not “All for Myself”.

We have been struggling with these issues for as long as i remember, with me being a 17 year old senior at Carman Ainsworth High School, i’ve personally have been a victim of sexual harassment. Being sexually harassed isn’t always somebody grabbing at the butt or somebody touching you when you don’t want them to. Its also having to hear, see or read unwanted “compliments”, comments or gestures. It doesn’t matter if it’s a random person, good friend, boss, teacher, worker at somewhere, doctor, swimmer, white, black, brown, purple, green, silver, gold. It doesn’t matter how much your income is or isn’t, it’s not about who your family is or who you know or don’t know. If you did it, you did it and take the blame for it.

If you told them multiple times to “Stop”, “Please stop making those comments\gestures they make me uncomfortable”, “No, i’m not interested”, or anything of that sort you have the right to respect yourself and do something about it. Go tell an authority. If you’re at school, go to the principal. I’f you’re at work, go to your boss, I’f it’s your boss harassing you, call the headquarters. I’f it’s your “friend”, stop going around them and if it’s really bad, you can go to the police and make a report.

I strongly believe that we need to do something even if it’s in our community to stop this harassment and we should offer classes to the victims to help them recover with people they can relate to.

I conclude my letter to you with saying to everyone reading this letter, if you’re being harassed please say something and stop holding it in, you don’t have to do that. If you see somebody being harassed you need to help them, If you are the one harassing you need to reevaluate your life, get help and apologize to those woman/man you’ve disrespected.


Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

This group consist of students in the course of English 12 for Ms. Mathews. We will be posting on issues of social injustice and making a change for the better.

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