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The Future of Immigrants Is Effect​ed By the United States

The life for new immigrants is difficult, people face the challenge of learning a new language and face a confused future.​ How can we help them with a moderate solution?

Dear President of the United States,

I’m an immigrant from China to the U.S, living in New York City, and experiencing my final year of high school. I want to talk about the problem that directly connects to immigrants' lives and issue about how does Immigration views and feelings about this country and the burden for their family. This is a significant issue that immigrant people bring hope or purpose to came to U.S. but feel losing in this big diverse country. The U.S is affecting them in their new life, but how can we help them in a favorable way to get them support or make more open to the people who in need the help?

People who immigrate to the U.S. feel they are losing their future and find it difficult to adapt to their new life. People who bring dreams but are undocumented in the U.S are in danger by their identity. They may not be able to see distant relatives. According to David Lightman of the McClatchy-Tribune, people who immigrate to America to start a new life have a hard time learning a new language and feel no goals and security in new place. With luck, the students who have school may get support from their teachers or guardians, but that support is not for all. 

The problem for the family is that people who immigrate to the U.S also have a difficult time to meet their family again. According to Cindy Carcamo of Los Angeles Times, people who immigrate to the U.S. are taking a risk to meet their family again because they are not allowed or have a green card. For evidence: "Saavedra, who graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio, says he’s American in every way, except having papers. His grandfather, who lives in Mexico, is in danger each time he visits relatives in the United States. 'Why does it have to be almost a death sentence every time he wants to go see his daughters?' Saavedra asked." People who illegally travel by a secret way to the U.S. are facing trouble for risky protest, they are in danger of deportation or physical trouble. According to Kimberly Hefling and Juan A. Lozano of the Associated Press, the children are mostly from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, those places, they want to avoid gangs or want to get away from danger. They have a purpose to come to the U.S., but face illegal Immigration's negative impact along with new life.

Immigrant people have a hard time adjusting to their new life, directly resulting in the immigrants feeling they are losing their future. This is also seen as illegal immigrant people feel insecure in society. Possible solutions to the issue are to have the close chance to them, for example, the school may get support and security to them, also may create an immigrant issue to help illegal immigrants who facing gangs or different compelling problem, but not deporting them back in the fire. Dear president, you should solve the immigrant problems fast. I’m an immigrant and I know the feeling that most immigrant people are feeling, losing future, having a hard time to communicate with the new condition, so hope to solve those problems as fast as possible, to the lessen effect for them.




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