Nathan B. Missouri

Illegal U.S. Immigration

Is immigration good or bad for America?

Immigration. We all know what it is, but we don't know the facts. What are the chances of building a wall working. What negative affects does it have, and is it really that bad?

Ever since the 1990s, immigration rates has more than trippled, hitting it's peak at 12.2 million illegal immigrations in 2006, and stabalizing in the recent years. In 2014, a study shows that at the time, 8 million of them were in an authroised workforce, making up 5% of working people. Suprisingly, only 54%, a decreasing number, are mexicans. Immigration on the economy is mixed. They fill cheap labor positions and increase productivity and pay taxes, which also lowers prices, but they cost millions in insurance and healthcare a year and could also very well be taking away jobs from americans, with people prefering to hire someone who would work more for less. With this and many issues with immigration, each has it's pro's and cons.

 Deporting them costs the government money and while they could be focusing on better issues, but immigration adds to the already bulky population. A big topic of contreversy is Amnestry. Amnestry grants  an illeagal immigration U.S. rights. The law was created a long time ago to support people to immigrate to America when it was desperately needed of population, but now, since it's not needed now and is actually possibly a burden on us, should we retire it? No matter what we do about the issue, America as a whole will have a massive change.