Arkan M. New York

Guns should be controlled by the country for the country.

Many innocent people are being killed by guns in this country, the sooner we take action the better it is for the country.

Dear President of the United States,

My name is Arkan Moin. I am a student from Brooklyn international high school. This my senior year of high school. I am from Bangladesh. I live in Brooklyn New York. Many people in the U.S.A. can buy guns, causing more than 30,000 deaths each year. The great number of deaths makes this issue urgent. We need new rules for gun control so everyone can be safe.

Americans own more guns than anybody else on Earth. Every time there is a mass shooting in the United States, people argue over gun laws. From example, a former Navy officer used a fake ID to buy a gun and killed 13 civilians in a cafeteria in Washington, Dc. in 2013. This shows that it is too easy to get a gun and so you need to make it harder for people to buy guns. This will make us all safer. It is easy to kill people in America because anyone can get a gun. In fact this year in June there was another mass shooting in a dance club in Florida. The gunman killed 50 people and 53 were wounded. The gunman was 29-year-old Omar Mateen. He was later killed by police officers.

Every day people die from gun shootings. We need better laws. It is urgent to make gun laws that make it harder to buy guns so that people can be safer. A possible solution is for every gun seller to do background checks. The backgrounds checks should look at the person’s history. In other words, the criteria should be very strict and people with a violent history should not be able to buy guns. Also, states need to share information so that guns don’t go to the wrong people and we can be safe. If we do not take action now, many more innocent people are going to die.

The jobs of President is to protect us. To do so, it is urgent to pass gun control laws as soon as possible.


Arkan Moin


Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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