Aissatou D. New York

Not All Muslims are terrorist

People are thinking that all Muslims are terrorist in this world. Muslims women feel unsafe to wear a headscarf in the society.

Dear Future President,

My name is Aissatou Diallo and I am a senior at Brooklyn International High School. I believe living in a society that you are not allowed to do whatever you want will never bring peace around the world. Islam means peace and respect, but people are still blaming the religion without knowing the rules, and it is bad for them. I have been reading articles about Islamophobia a Muslim's women were harassed at the cafeteria during lunchtime. Women are scared to wear headscarves outside because people are accusing them and criticizing their religion. Around the world, people are considering Muslim people as terrorists. But Islam means peace and respect, not killing people in the world. Now women feel uncomfortable wearing their headscarf while they have to follow the rules in their religion. Don’t push a person to do what they don’t use to do. Everything it depends on your heart, just have faith in God, it doesn’t matter what religion you are following. I think you need to stop the discrimination against Muslims because Muslim Americans deserve the same respect and rights as everyone else in this country. 

Muslim people are blamed around the world as a terrorist and they feel unsafe. “In Cincinnati, Ohio, a driver tried to run down a young Muslim woman. In New York City, a customer called a female pharmacist wearing a headscarf a terrorist and told her to 'get out of his country.' In San Diego, California, a man shoved a pregnant Muslim mother’s stroller into her belly, and a San Diego State student reported a man tugged at her headscarf while yelling at her in a parking lot." This is a serious issue the President has to solve now.

In Islam, God requires women to cover their hair. The article says that “In the wake of the attacks in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, California, Muslim women wearing headscarves have become visible targets for harassment, often by men.” (Leilah Abdennabi). The attacks that happened to France, Paris, people are thinking that Muslims who wear the headscarf are criminal but Muslim people believe that wearing a headscarf is preferable for someone. People need to stop judging Muslim people based on their religion and the young woman have been considered at the restaurant as a terrorist because of her headscarf.

The president needs to settle this issue because if you do not grant the respect to the religion don’t dirty the religion because this is sacred. “Scalia said the Civil Rights Act of 1964 puts the legal burden on employers not to discriminate. It gives “favored treatment” to religion, he said, and “religious practice is one of the protected characteristics ... that must be accommodated.” (Samantha Elauf)

You should help the Muslim women because they are tired of discriminated. A US citizen should not be treated differently because of their religion this is pure discrimination against headscarf. Judge people for what they did no about their races, gender, or religion. You need to try your best to stop these people who are against young women Muslims. “I saw an immediate trend of Muslims condemning the terrorist attacks,” said Uzma Hussain, 23. Hussain herself has changed her routines since the Paris attacks. She has not been to the gym, because of her hijab, the head scarf some Muslim women wear, just makes her too conspicuous. She said she’s “received a few looks at work.” She pours out her feelings in journal entries” (Mike Ghouse, executive director of the American Muslim Institution)

Islam is beautiful. Non-Muslims are forcing women to take off their headscarf. Imagine when you arrest an innocent person on the street that had nothing done to you just because her headscarf how that would hurt you. That's unfair. Everywhere in this world Muslim people are harassed. This is an important issue that the president needs to change. Even at work, school, on street Muslim women with headscarves are ignored and humiliated in the society.

Basically, Muslims are suffering from it. The president should try to bring peace in the society, and non-Muslims need to respect Islam. Muslims want their own rights and they need enhancement in the society, where everyone is equal under the law.


Aissatou Diallo


Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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