Pamela A. California

Reasons for Migration

My letter is about the reasons that the immigrants have to leave their countries.

Dear future President,

Many children are seeking a better life, that’s why they cross the border. You might not know that today in the United States there are a lot of working people that are illegal immigrants. I am Pamela Arce and I came to this country legally, but I support the illegal immigrants because I understand the reasons that they had to leave their own countries.

I am writing this letter because I am one of those people who want to be a better person and have a great future. I will like that you make a reform to permit that the illegal immigrants to fix their papers most quickly for these reasons.

The first reasons is because according to “Every day 80 to 120 children cross the Texas border illegally” but that’s because the papers of migration takes a lot of time to get ready and probably many people don’t have the time to wait for them, because maybe where is dangerous. For example I am from El Salvador and I know many people who have to leave the country due to gangs, because especially if one family has teenagers like 15 to 18 years old, the gangs seek them to join to their gangs and if the teenagers say no then they kill them. This is one of the most important reasons that the people have to leave their own country and come here. The children who cross the border illegally every day put their lives in danger. They can get lost or hurt, especially when they don’t have their parents with them.

The second reason is because according to “In many cases, they crossed mountains and desert”. That means that the track that migrants have to take can be difficult for many things. For example, a lot of people die in the desert, are caught by migration and getting back to their own countries; others leave the trip because simply they can’t do it. The trip is very hard for those people because, also, they have to pass the trip, they sometimes have to leave their family, their job, and a lot of other things . I’m agree with their actions because I know that they have to do it for their safety or for a better life.

The third reason is because according to “Sometimes they are also trying to get away from abuse, sometimes by their own family members”. This phrase demonstrates that many people leave their countries for a good reason. Nobody wants to be abused by someone, many people come here to forget everything and try to start again with new goals, new opportunities, and new life. Many people suffer to get here; however, many of them if receive the necessary help can start to adapt and end up being successful people and in the future may have children and bring them the same support to reach the success. This in one way or another to bring benefits to the United States.

I think this is important because sometimes the people don’t come to the United States illegally because they want, is because they have to. Those people is difficult leave their countries. Especially if they were born there, because she have also leave their costumes, traditions and friends. They way is hard, but everything is for a good reason.

I believe in you and I hope will start thinking about one way to help those people. We need working people in this country and a lot of this people can be immigrants so why don’t we help them.

Sincerely: Pamela