Ethan T. Michigan

Dear Future President

Immigration is a big deal in this country and I hope you have the correct plans to solve this growing issue. The plans I have may help you figure out what to do in this hard time because of this never ending problem. I hope this letter will help you get this problem resolved.

A solution to help this problem is to make a wall so they can only come in this country legally, we will make Mexico pay for it by changing the trade agreement and over time the money we wouldn’t Have gotten from them will pay for this wall. This will make the government's budget unchanged with little taxpayer money used to pay for it. With that this will help keep the states by the border a safer place to live.

The people who want to come in the greatest country on Earth can come, but under strict conditions. They need advanced background checks, have a good reason they want to be here, and if there is any interference with the law they will get deported. We enforce it by having more highly trained ICE Police officers. These laws have to be enforced for this to work so that why we will have more highly trained ICE police officers.

Immigrants fill the unwanted jobs in America, If we ship these people off there’s no one to work for the big farms in america for example. We would see a huge economic crash when the big farms go bankrupt due to no workers working on their farm because they were all deported. We only deport the people who don’t pass a background check and have criminal history everyone else will be fined, but if they get in trouble they will be deported.

In conclusion the next president has a big step ahead of him. With all the troubles immigration gives we should be in good hands if they follow this letter. The U.S will need to rise together and we can get immigration to something that is no big deal. I hope you make good decisions in the Oval Office


Ethan Thomas

Ithaca Junior High School

Social Studies 8 - 4th Hour

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