Randy R. New York

Don't Forget

A song about the way cops treat Black people and Black Lives​ Matter

 Dear Next Prez,

What is the world coming too?

How ya got money for gunz but not for food?

How ya try to play us like we some fools?

Man, stop that cause we aware and we not scared,

But we all know ya don’t care.

The way ya treat us, it’s not fair,

Killing us for no reason like life comes in pairs.

I’m not gonna lie. Ya had me a little scared,

But not no more. We gonna stand together like the Panthers.

We gonna show ya we not really gangsta.

Ya try to label us and put us in a box,

But that ain’t stopping us from going to the top.

Let’s take it back to 2012 real quick. The way the system

Did Trayvon, man, that made me sick.

Ya had the proof. Ya had the gun.

But still no charge. If it was on of us

We would have been behind bars.

What about Alton Sterling?

They took his life, left his family mourning.

The cop said he had a gun, but where it was at?

We saw the video. Ya really want us to believe that?

If we catch you off duty, and do you that?

You ain’t even think about his family. How can you do that?