Maddy M. Michigan


A letter persuading the next president to further regulate abortion and its causes

3 reasons. There are only 3 justifiable reason to slaughter your own child in the womb. Rape. Incest. Harm to mother or child as a result of the pregnancy. If you conceive, weather it be intentional or not, that child is your responsibility. A new life isn’t a shirt you can decide doesn’t fit and return to the department store. It is a future thinker, learner, friend, personality, life. In 2012, the abortion rate was 210 per 1,000 live births. Children born in 2012 are about 4 years old now, their preschool classes are just about 20% too short on the attendance list. Why? That 20% of the class never took their first breath. Never saw the light of day. Never had a name. Why do we condone this ruthless behavior towards something so innocent? Among the human race, it is appalling that such atrocities have become the norm. Mr. or Madame President, we have to take a stand against the monsters we have become, to the extent that we now consider abortion as a perfectly acceptable option regarding unplanned pregnancies.

One way we can prevent abortions is by making them less readily available. Currently, it is easier to get an abortion than it is to get your tooth filled in Texas. To put that into perspective, it is easier to kill a baby than tiny tooth decay holes. wikiHow has an article entitled “How to Get an Abortion in 14 steps (with pictures).” We live in a digital age where we want everything now, something everyone is guilty of. Abortion, on the other hand, should not be a readily available encounter. The severity of an abortion should be masked by a stack of paperwork and regulations so it is no longer seen as the ‘easy way out’ or a ‘quick fix’ for an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Another step we can take towards lessening the number of abortions is to prevent the justifiable causes. The best way to tackle any problem is to eradicate its origin. If you cut the head off a dandelion or even the whole stem, it will still grow back unless you uproot the weed. A U.S. proved that 5% of women become pregnant after rape, but other conducted studies suggest that the number may be much larger. The origin of the pregnancy is not a question when an abortion is taking place, but it is likely that many rape victims abort the results of their assault. To diminish any need for abortion, we should attack the justifiable causes. By fighting rape, incest and pregnancy related diseases, we could significantly lower the number of abortions that happen every day.

Lastly, it would be beneficial to promote alternate means of handling unwanted pregnancy other than abortion. Women may turn to abortion because they feel it is the only way to be rid of the life inside them. Unfortunately, if a pregnant woman is adamant about their decision not to enter motherhood, the best way to save the child is to support means other than abortion. Countless women who long to bear children are unsuccessful from an array of causes; diseases that may cause female infertility include endometriosis, various cancers and their treatments, and pelvic inflammatory just to name a few. If the women aborting their children knew how happy they could make those women, maybe, just maybe, they would consider carrying the child. Knowing you could completely change someone’s life is powerful, powerful enough to save a life.

Abortion prevention should be combatted by making abortions harder to have, promote alternatives, and reduce the justifiable reasons. 3 reasons. There are only 3 justifiable reasons to end the life of a baby in utero. Rape. Incest. Harm to mother or child as a result of the pregnancy. Can every woman who has ever aborted her child honestly say they qualified for one of these obligations? I can answer that question in their name, and the answer is no. Everyone makes excuses, it’s human nature. It’s one thing to make an excuse to your teacher when you are late to class, but an excuse that makes it okay to kill your baby? They are an inconvenience to me. I’m too young. I don’t want kids. I have goals for myself. Maybe that child would have had goals too, but we’ll never know. No one will ever know because they were inconvenient, unwanted, in the way. They never even got a chance. Everyone deserves a chance, so please future president. Please better America by making sure everyone has the opportunity to have a chance at life.