Mai S. Minnesota


Abortion should be abolished.

Dear Next President,

Abortion should be abolished because it is taking away a child’s life. We imprison men and women who committed murder, so why is aborting a child not murder? Adoption is still a choice. Every child has the right to see the world.

Abortion is taking away a life, because according to www.worldometer about 125,000 abortions happen in a day which makes about 40 to 50 million abortion in a year. In the USA half the pregnancies were unintended and twenty two percent ended up in abortion including miscarriage. A baby will start to form after some weeks; a baby is it’s own human being, not the mother’s body parts. Let’s save one more life, starting with those babies.

Men and women and imprisoned for committing murder, so why is aborting a child not murder? Many people believe that a woman has the right to do what she see is right for her body, but what about the right of the child? Let that child make his or her choice because the dead cannot come back. Is it because that child is not born yet that we do not consider it a human? Or is it because the mother isn't old enough, experienced enough, to take care of the child or was it just a choice? I won’t say abortion is wrong because the only wrong chooses in this world are the ones that we regret. Is that child a regret, a wrong turn, flawed, or just because of selfish reason?

If the child is unwanted then there is the choice of adoption, whether that child lives happily or not, maybe the mother wouldn't have a lingering feeling of ‘murdering’ if she still has a brain that perceives feeling of empathy. According to, it is shown that 16% of women have already taken a step towards adoption and 31% have actually adopted a child. Maybe making abortion illegal probably won't stop anyone from getting their child aborted. But wouldn't it be better to at least do something for the child that the mother was responsible for, whether the pregnancies was by choice, an irresponsible act or raped. The innocent child that was created didn't commit a crime because the ones that committed the crimes are the ones still living. Beside if the mother give birth the chance of the mother dying is pretty low but an abortion, the child almost have no chance. Just under 7.6 million children die every year according to If only one life can be save, won't the mother choose the child’s life?

I want you to make people realize what abortion is. The world’s treasure are the humans living in it. There is nothing in this world that could take the place of a women who can give birth, because she is the guard of that treasure inside her, that unborn human child, that maybe an animal won’t be able to give birth to. The women on this planet probably don’t realize their roles but, they are a beautiful sources of life energy that will save the next generation if abortion stops now. If you, the next president, can help stop all these women who want abortions, maybe the future generations won’t be disappointed in us.


Mai Sheng Thao

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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