Nathan M. Michigan

Wildlife Protection

How and why we need to protect our wildlife in the U.S

Letter To the President

Dear Future President,

What would you say if I told you that major contractors are putting wildlife that is indigenous to the U.S, in danger just to build a new neighborhood? Well, that's not just a rhetorical question, it's a reality that happens quite often in our country. Contractors, and companies buy up land that is full of different plant and animal species, and then they turn it into some useless new building, neighborhood, factory, or parking garage. We need to preserve our nation's nature, or what's left of it, so that we can better understand certain species, cut down the amount of invasive animals, and better protect our wildlife.

First of all, preserving our wildlife is important because we need to better understand the plants and animals indigenous to the U.S. According to, “The 2005 report concludes that primary forest area (as opposed to plantations)was reduced globally by 60,000 square kilometers per year” Which is a large amount of trees and forests. Now imagine all of the life that was either taken down with the deforestation, or forced to move away. Plants, unlike animals, cannot just move when they are threatened, so when we destroy their habitat, they really have no options. Most of the plants that get destroyed, haven't fully been researched, and examined, precious information or even medical benefits could be lost with the species when the plant i eradicated. If some wildlife held medical benefits, or contained new science benefits, they could be lost drastically with the plant, when their habitat is destroyed. By lessening the amount of forests that are taken out, a better understanding of the wildlife around us could be reached before it's too late.

Next, a halt needs to be put on the destruction of natural habitats to help cut down on the amount of invasive species. By taking out species’ habitats, we force them to relocate, if they can, to a new home. The only downfall to making these species relocate is that “Some can move to new home areas, but there are already other animals living there.” The problem with the fact that other animals are living in those homes, is that now, the relocated animals must compete with the indigenous animals for food, water, and shelter. This can be a problem because sometimes the relocated animal ends up being better at surviving in its new habitat, than the indigenous one, and it becomes an invasive species. By creating invasive species, the indigenous plants and animals end up dieing off, and affecting the food chain in a negative way. We need to stop taking out our wildlife just to put up some factory or business, or else we could have a big problem on our hands with our ecosystem, which leads me to my next point.

Lastly we need to preserve our wildlife better, so that we are not destroying animal species that are important to our world. When we cut down forests or destroy wildlife, we force the animals living in them to relocate, which could ultimately cause that animal species to go extinct. According to, when we destroy our wildlife for commercial homes, “The animals that once lived there, from the bugs that lived in the ground to the birds that ate them, all may disappear” which means for them to go extinct. If we push indigenous animals out of their original habitat, and they end up dying off, it could ultimately come back and negatively affect us humans in the long run. Once an animal species dies off, their predators die, and so on… thus, affecting the whole food chain, which ultimately leads up to us. We need to stop killing off our animal species in the U.S or else it will end up affecting us in a really bad way, and mess up the food chain like it's never been seen before.

In conclusion, if we can find a better way to build houses, factories, and businesses, without destroying our wildlife, it would greatly benefit us as a nation. Many contractors believe that we should use all of the land available, and that the plants and animals can move to new habitats. I hope, that through reading my essay, you have realized that, that is not the truth. In order to keep the U.S a healthy, strong nation, we need to keep things in our country that make us unique, like our indigenous wildlife, and animals. If we cut down too many trees, and kill too many animal species, our world could very quickly become unlivable.