Janiqua E. Mississippi

Poverty Decrease

Poverty is decreasing in the US. But if certain incomes are going to be taken away the poverty level would increase.

Dear Future President, 

According to The Washington Post, the poverty level has decreased over the past years. Government assistance has helped lower the poverty level. Obama Care also helped poor people by giving poor people income that would help them. 

I'm writing this letter because I think you all should protect poverty in the U.S.A. Government programs shouldn't be taken from the poor unless they are using it in the wrong way. If government assitance are taken away the poverty level would increase. Food stamps and Social Security are very reliable for poor people. According to Washington Post, the safety net helped reduce the poverty in America. 

Meanwhile, government assistance needs to be more strict. Some people make enough money to take care of their household or themselves. Some people are greedy and make enough money to get government assistance. Food stamps should be given to people with low income or no income at all. 

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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