Shakira R. Mississippi

Black Lives Matter

Future president, I think you should set an example for all races.

Dear future President,

There is a lot of racism in this world, today, while policeman are killing blacks and blacks are killing white people. This is because we all have different skin color. Future president, I think you should set an example for all races. You should support the "Hate Crime", which means for people who are racist, no matter what race, they have to go to jail for being prejudiced. I hope as you come into office you support and care for all races. Every race is important and should be treated equally.

Society is based on a race-based worldview with prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. People are racist because of the skin color. The skin color shouldn't matter because we are all the same. The reason why people are racists because they feel threatened by anyone who is a different race or in a different culture. White people or policeman might think that black boys or men are drug dealers or gangbangers. That's what makes them racist because they try to harass them for no reason and they want to have authority over blacks. 

It is not fair for blacks nor whites to be racist towards each other. The reason why whites don't like blacks is because they never take the time to figure out who we are. They don't see potential in us because they all think we are failures, but we have to prove them wrong and be bigger than what they say. They just see black people as immature, uneducated blacks. The reason why blacks don't like whites is because of how they treat us. In order to stop all the violence and murder, we should really come together as one whole. No matter what out race is we are all the same. Everybody matters.