Zach S. North Dakota

Minimum Wage

Leave minimum wage alone.

Dear Future President,

I do not believe you understand the problems facing our country. Increasing the minimum wage destroys jobs. Many people work for small businesses which pay minimum wage. According to the Small Business Administration, 99.7% of all businesses in America are small and not wealthy, so they pay minimum wage.

Although higher minimum wage can reduce the poverty rate in the U.S., many jobs would be lost. A new Employment Institute Analysis Census Bureau data finds that roughly 988,000 jobs would be lost because of the Harkin/Miller proposal, with 30% of the jobs occurring in accommodations and food service.

For example, in my community, Krause’s supermarket pays minimum wage. If carts are low, you get them. If food in an aisle is low, you have it in the back room you go fill it. The work is not hard.



Concerned U.S. Citizen of North Dakota