Kevana F. Mississippi


What will you do for me?

Dear Future President,

I write you this letter to express my concern on how you would help better the African American race. What will you do to add security and beneficial outcomes for the African American society? Will you provide the protection that we need and long for? Since we were forced to come to America we were not given the rights we deserve. Just look of the killings of Blacks by cops we have up to one hundred ninety four this year alone. If that is compared to the killings of Caucasians by cops it is not comparable. Another concern, African Americans make approximately twelve to thirteen percent of America and up to thirty percent of the  2.2 million inmates are African American. On the other hand, Caucasians make approximately sixty three percent of America’s population and about thirty seven of  take up inmate population. All I ask is that you look out for my people like you would look out for your people. These statistics are a disgrace to me and it should be to you. American is not set up to help African Americans, but to fail African Americans. All I ask is that you change this!

Warm regards,

The Piney Woods School

Ms. McGee US History

US History Class

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