Seyna C. Mississippi

Police Brutality

It most stop here!

Dear Future President,

I want to talk about police brutality. Police brutality is a big issue across the United States. It has also become a systematic issue when you see the same problem occurring in different parts of the country.

The problem is that innocent people are being killed by corrupt police officers and no justice is being served. Instead the cops get off on paid administrative leave of absence, so in reality he/she goes on vacation for killing an innocent civilian. The officer can say “oh, I feared for my life”; “it was self-defense”; or “he had a gun” and get off without a conviction.

We have several cases like the Alton Sterling case when there was video evidence of Sterling hand-cuffed and on the ground with officers on top of him. In no way could he have been of harm to anyone if he was hand-cuffed and unarmed but they still killed him. Sandra Bland, another victim of police brutality, who died due to police brutality. Investigators claimed that she committed suicide with a trash bag. It was later speculated that in her mug shot she could have possibly been dead already. Still, no one has been convicted of any crime for her death.

There are movements like the #BlackLivesMatter movement that are in the fight against police brutality on Black people. The movement believes that the police are specifically targeting Blacks. The movement basically is saying “ hey, stop killing us. We’re human too.” People apart of the movement go about raising national attention by doing peaceful protest. For example, Colin Kapernick started a national protest against the national anthem. Students and athletics all around the country have joined in on the protest. 

The system is extremely corrupt and future president we’re calling you to do something about it. Thank you.