Kellie R. Michigan

Failing Education System

The Education System is failing and needs to be fixed.

Dear President,

There will always be some issue that needs to be fixed in this country, but for now there is one that stands out, that need to be fixed immediately. For some reason this topic always seems to be pushed aside to save for later, but if it gets pushed away for later again it will be the reason why this country will be destroyed. We needed to bring light on the failing Education System.

The education system in this country is crumbling so fast, but yet nothing is being done to reverse it. The system was built to help every child, to make sure that no one falls behind, that everyone gets the education they need, but that is the opposite of what it is doing. The education system was made to only fit one size, everyone in this world is different, everyone in this world learns different, but yet again we have an education system that is made to only help a certain select type of child. We need an education system that is customizable, not a one size that is suppose to fit all.

For one thing the teachers should be the ones who make the education decisions, they see these kids on a daily basis they know what they need and do not need. We do not need a person who has never once stepped inside a classroom and sat down to see what the kids actually need, to be making decisions that affect millions of kids everyday. Being a teacher is the most important job anyone can take on, they shape the future of the country, but yet they are being forced to teach things that they know do not do any good, and they are always the first to be blamed. They are the ones that need to decide what needs to be taught, what the kids need, what the future needs to become strong.

This education system is suppose to help every child, but no one child learns the same as the next. I’ve seen it first hand how it fails deeply. I watched my younger brother this happy, upbeat, outgoing five year old turn into anything but happy, upbeat, and outgoing, within the second he started school. For a child who has severe anxiety, and dyslexia, the education system that is so called supposed to fit every child, once again failed and made the happiest child become depressed and hopeless. The education system is made to only fit certain kids, any kid that has any type of learning disability will struggle more than they need to because of how the education system is not customizable to fit a child and their needs. My brother was placed with special need kids, and anyone could tell you that was the last place you should place him. He was falling so far behind that there was beginning to eb no hope what so ever, he was a third grader reading at a low kindergartener level. It wasn't until he was pulled out of the public education system into a private school that uses a system in which it customizes to fit every child that walks through it school doors, I saw my brothers happiness start to shine through again. He is one in one million of the kids who have a learning disability, but he is one of the few that was taken out of the public education system into a completely different one and is striving for greatness. The education system says that all students are important as the next but that is just another lie they tell everyone. Every single student that is not above average or is an example of “how well the education system is working” is lost and forget about, because who wants to see the students who are prime examples of how this education system is failing at such a fast rate, that if it is not fixed now there is no hope for the future.

Another thing that has to change in the education system is the core curriculum. The education system has decided that only core classes like math, science, history, and english, should be truly the only classes that the kids need to study. While they are important they are no more important than the arts, shop class, drafting, mechanics, welding, etc. Due to the education system only believing that anything outside their core curriculum is not going to get you very far in life, kids don't have the opportunities to strive at what they want to do, they are forced to learn all these things they will not ever used later in their life. The education need to bring back the programs they use to have to give more opportunities to students, so they can gain the knowledge they need for what they want to pursue in the future.

The reason why we have had the education system for so long and have not changed it, is because at some point in time it did work. But as the time goes on things change, and if we do not learn how to adapt to these new changes in the education system it is going to drive us deeper and deeper in the ground. The education system did work, if it did not work in the beginning we would have changed it right away, but since it did not fail right at the start, people automatically assume it is doing fine and there are more issues to deal with than an issue that did use to work.

We need to start to build a new education system that is customizable to fit every student and also able to adapt to the future, a system where the teachers make the education decisions, a system where no child gets lost in, a system where not just core curriculum is important but the arts, training for a trade profession, a system where our future can strive from. Would you use keep using something that is failing the future of our country or would you try and fix it before it is too late?


Kellie Rietsch 

Clarkston Community Schools

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