Sean L. Ohio

Gun Control

Gun control needs to be controlled more heavily.

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

The topic I think that has impacted America the most is gun control. This topic has become more important to Americans because of all the chaos that is happening with the clowns. They are making the idea of having guns seem more lethal.

Gun control should be controlled so that people can’t pull a gun out on you and shoot. According to research, “No one should have a gun unless if they know gun safety” (“Gun Control”). This quote means that no one should have a gun unless they know gun safety. If a pedestrian shoots another pedestrian, then they have to relearn about gun safety. One would have to retake a course about guns.

Gun control should be controlled so that people won’t pull a gun out on you. More gun control laws would reduce gun deaths. “This unenviable distinction has resulted in various gun-control laws at the federal and state levels that seek to reduce crime and violence by restricting private gun ownership” (“Gun Control”). Everyone shouldn’t have their gun without a gun license and has passed the gun safety test. If there is a crime committed against another person and if they get caught on the news and police are there, then they should go to jail for 10 years, so they can learn their lesson about gun safety.

Some people might say that gun control now is fine because if a robber comes up to another person and tries to pull a gun out on that person, you can pull yours out and say drop your weapon. Although the counterargument is understandable, people might say that this country is not safe anymore because of those people who have a weapon and don’t use it properly.

The time has come to clean up the USA of people that don’t know about gun safety. Time to take away their guns and put them in jail for a long time until they know gun safety/control.

Too many people have guns and used them on other people to get stuff from people. When other people get scared of another person robbing them. This will reduce the amount of murders, school shootings and overall crime. 

Thank you future President for reading my letter. I hope you enjoyed it.


Sean Law