Ryan B. Michigan

College Cost

College cost needs to go down now otherwise how can we future adults make a good living?

Dear future president we need to lower the cost of college.It's really getting out of hand and it is almost impossible to afford any nice college, let alone going out-of-state which is nearly triple what their in state tuition is.If we want this nation to thrive in the future we need to think about the future people of the world and if a lot of them can't get a good college education then how will we expand our country.

My first reason to why the cost of college needs to go down is that not many people can get into nice colleges. The cost of college now is like paying for a yacht,it's really that outrageous because most people will go for four years to get their bachelor's that's not even counting the people who want to go for their master's degree which is more than four years so the cost really adds up.Even O.J. Simpson once said “ My NFL pension can barely pay my sons tuition.” This is coming from someone who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the NFL and of course he as well had problems with tuition.I haven't even got started about how much out-of-state tuition costs. Most colleges tuition is already very expensive but some kids need to go to an out-of-state college because their state doesn't offer what programs they want to go into.But these out-of-state colleges cost nearly triple what the in state is and is not affordable.I am having this problem personally with the fact that barely any colleges in Michigan offer Zoology so I want to go out-of-state but can't afford the nice out-of-state colleges.Is it really right to hold people to a college in which they wont do what they wanted to do for the rest of their life just because it’s way to expensive?

My second reason to lower the cost of college tuition is that the future depends on the next crop of college kids. If we the people want to make the nation a better place we better lower college cost because college is going to create the future generations of people to help our great nation.If we don't fix this now our future nation will go to crap because the kids of now will never know how to run a country and if our country fell apart just because we couldn't teach kids to be smarter. I would lose all hope for America even though I love my country.I would never want America to die off. And I would try my hardest to keep America as good as it is now and it all starts on education.We just need to make sure the future kids will represent our country well and if those kids can’t get into college and further their education you can’t believe that they will help America.

In conclusion I believe that you can make millions of future college students very happy and make their lives way easier if you could lower college tuition even just a little. Because these kids are the future of America and we want America to stay at the top of the world. If we could lower tuition tons of kids could make a good living because of affordable college.And don’t even get me started on how many parents you would make happy as well.Because if they spend less than it means they spend more into America's economy.Which isn’t the goal of being the next president to set future precedent that the American people will love?


Ryan Bastuba