Molly B. Ohio

Plant a Seed for Future Minds

Every child deserves an education and each kid who gets educated is a seed for the future. lets make sure each seed has a chance to get planted so we can better the world.

Dear next President:

Do you remember when you were in school, any grade at all? Now, imagine you sitting down to do any assignment you ever had and then the light go out. Why, because the lights have to go out at eight in order to keep a roof over your head but, lucky for you there’s a gas station a mile down the road with lights on all night so you better start walking. People would say that wouldn’t happen to any actually children. Wrong, there kids who literally have to basically work in the dark and in some case they flee to public places with light to work. Why are you telling me this because it’s some people become aware of how fortunate they are and start realizing that we should start and help people less fortunate than them out. Did you know that here are kids in Africa that literally walk three miles just so they can have a source of light? That to me is dangerous what if someone kidnaps them or worse. This is only a risk to their grades but to their lives as well. Now do you see why this is a problem.

Some would also reckon that education plants a seed to our future. What do this mean though? The few who do believe in this say it means that every child has a right to an education and these people are usually talking about kids who can’t afford an education which honestly is sad. Why, because if you think about it every generation inherits the world and when we do we need to have the judgement and skills to know how to make the world the best version of itself it can be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that kids who can’t afford an education aren’t able to make decision that will better the world. In fact what I mean when I say this is, that some additionally information might help them make even better decision than the might of made without it.

Now I’m gonna let you in on a little bit of information that is kinda sad for me and that’s the fact that some schools don’t all have the same tools as others. Why is this even a problem you ask because, the tools schools use to educate the occupants are important for many reasons. For example, there’s a few school where each child can have a schooled issued laptop of their own and, there’s a school who only have access to one computer lab which all classes must share. Which mean the classes who can’t use the lab at the time must resort to books as their primary research tool while working at school. Now what could be the problem with books you ask, well they could be outdated and hence could be giving out dated information. Which could make some things they may hear outside school confuse them. That will just confuse them for awhile until this child can realize the truth and remember it. What I’m trying to get at here that we really should keep under funded schools still fresh with information. Finally the big question, what do I want you to do about this? That’s simple, raise awareness and promote people to fund their schools so they can receive a high quality of education, encourage people to donate to those in need so they don’t have to walk great lengths to do assignment and so they don’t have to risk their life, and lastly suggest to the people to give to families who don’t have enough money to get their children an education. Maybe one day after all this is done and we’ve done all we can the world might just be a better places.



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