Hunter B. Michigan

Bees are dying at an alarming rate.

Hunter Boisvert


What type of bee can’t make up his mind? A maybe. HAHAHA. But seriously, this amazing joke wouldn’t BEE able to BEE told to you if you allow the BEE’S to keep dying at an alarming rate. I’m so glad that we now have a republican in office. We had Obama in office for 8 years and look what it got us, DYING BEES. I believe that this is such a pressing topic because bees pollinate the food that we eat. I understand that bees have been moved to the endangered species list in hawaii, but i feel that if we keep letting bees die, then it will spread to the whole united states and cause a serious issue.

This is the first time in the 43 year history of the Endangered Species Act that a single species has been granted protection despite a huge decline in the wild bee populations. The bees in Hawaii have been greatly affected by urbanization and habitat destruction. This accounts for a good portion of the decline in population among bees. Another cause is the introduction of non-native invasive species. Do you really want invasive species hurting our homeland? I feel that because of this, we need to take further action to protect the bees and the habitats that they live in. Recently, ecologists have found that bees have been nesting in coral that washes up on the beach due to their inability to remain in a stable ecosystem because of urbanization and invasive species taking over. It only makes sense that to solve this problem, we need to work on creating safe havens for the bees. I’m not suggesting that we use a big budget to make literal safe havens for the bees, but i am suggesting that we think before we build neighborhoods, stores, factories, and other places that involve altering the natural ecosystem. As an American, we wouldn’t like it if someone came into our land and started tearing it apart and putting us in danger. That just isn’t the American way. We are leaders, we strive to make change, we strive for success, and lastly, we unite during pressing times to cater to the greater good.

Bees are like the glue that holds our nation’s economy together. The insects help pollinate more than $15 billion worth of crops annually, produce $150 million worth of honey, and assist in the fertilization of thousands of plant species. That’s pretty important when it comes to the United States economy. I believe that our nation has to come together and come up with a solution. I’m not saying that this is the most important issue going on in the United States, but i do feel that it is an issue worth looking into. If we fix the problem early, then we won’t have to go back and try to correct it when it’s too late. I believe that we can all come together to make America Great Again.