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The New Era Of Immigration

This letter is directed to the next president addressing current problems on immigration. This letter is packed with my opinions and ideas on immigration

 Dear Next President Of The United States,

        It is 2016 and our country need a lot of improvements. We still have a huge mass of problems that have been in the U.S for hundreds of years and still have not been solved. We strive to be the best and be a model for freedom. I believe it is time to come through with our values and make changes. These changes start with us then we pass to you.

        The view on immigration has definitely changed over the years. Considering that there are plenty of different variables that contributed to this, all both positive and negative. When Immigration first was recognized, it might have looked good because we were populating our country and bringing in people to improve our country. Although as years pass, this becomes a problem. Terrorism becomes a major problem. Immigration over the years has been viewed differently negatively and positively.

        Immigration made up an American economic and social life. Although immigration did not only affect Americans, immigration has also affected race in America. Considering that Mexico is the closest to the United States that is not part of the U.S, there has been a large amount of Mexicans that immigrate to the U.S, Illegal or legal. This has put a stereotype of Mexicans basically viewing them as all immigrants. Although Immigration did bring races together and made America more diverse.

        If you are living in America and living like an American I feel as though you are qualified to be an American. Being a U.S citizen can make you an American but being an American has more value than just being a U.S citizen. You need to follow the values of the United States and act like an American.

        Leaving immigration open will allow people who are terrorists in our country and allow people who have no interest in working into the U.S. This is where visas play a big part in allowing people to come work. I find this system very essential to allowing immigrants into the U.S. A quote from a passage, “U.S. Immigration Policy”, states that there are several different types of visas. “This is a grand adventure education or travel in the United States US citizenship and Immigration Services issues over thirty types of these every year.” Granting immigrants several types of visas from education to jobs is a great way of improving the immigration policy.

        The process to becoming a citizen is complicated to some extent. A significant part to this process is the citizenship test. I find this test a way to reject an immigrant from becoming a U.S citizen. The majority of the questions on there I can barely answer or can not answer at all. I am a U.S citizen and am 16 years old and don't know the answers to half of the questions on the citizenship test. I remember one of my family members studying for the citizenship test because he was about to take the test. I was shocked at the questions they asked and the questions he had to study.

        Throughout this letter I may have been a bit negative towards immigration but I support immigration. I believe immigration has affected the U.S positively more than negatively. A quote from the passage “U.S Immigration Policy” shows that Immigration has helped the U.S open up jobs and strengthen our economy. “The page immigrants in large urban areas have helped to revive downtown businesses districts many have opened up small businesses create new jobs and strengthen the local tax base without the influx of immigrants in the United States largest cities would have experienced a large drop in the population since 1980”. That is a great reason why our country should be open to immigration and not restrict it completely.

        Overall I feel like Immigration has contributed to the U.S more in a good way than it has in a negative way, therefore we should keep moving forward to support immigration and improve Its policies.

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Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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