Fatoumata Camara Pennsylvania

Letter to the President

Dear Next President, My name is Fatoumata Camara and I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm going to talk about Immigration in America and how it shaped America as a country. I would appreciate the upcoming president to do something about Immigration because it's a serious matter. We have a lot of immigrants who wants to come to America to start a new and better life. We don't know the immigrants' background or why they left their native land, we will never know because we don't give them a chance. Immigrants leave their former countries to have access to the resources that America have. They come America to find better work, natural disaster causes and to have better living for their families. We have the border patrol who always shipped the immigrants back to their native lands. Today in America you have to have documents to say that you are allowed to be in the US like a green card. After you have a green card you will need a US citizenship test and show your ability you know English. Why can't we welcome newcomers ? Are we afraid of them because they might have diseases? We say America is the greatest but what greatness do we have if we are not a welcoming country to new people and their customs. After 50 years America did change their ways with immigration. The law made a new law saying that immigrants who are skilled can come to America. Society had made somewhat progress with racial discrimination but inequality and injustice still remain and the media plays a big role in that. Media creates a big picture of race and ethnicity and that's where the judging come in. Race and ethnicity makes you belong in a group based on your looks or skin color. In America immigrants have to take a citizenship test to say that they are showing their commitment to the united states but they will never be American because they wasn't born in the US , but the people who cannot show their commitment to the united states by taking the citizenship they have green cards they are suppose to renew or they will be deported back to their native land. We are not a welcoming country like people say America is. We have so many undocumented people in America who wants to start over and start a new life. We take undocumented immigrants if they are skilled workers for work that we need help on and if they are not skilled they are sent right back or not welcome. We should help them learn to be good American citizens while they help us with work, but we don't because we don't give them chances. Immigrants come from all around the world. Many come as tourists and refugees but most enter using fake documents to give to the border inspectors. Immigrants have to find ways to sneak in because they know we won't have any sympathy for them to stay in our country. Immigration is a big issue in America. Fair was an organization that was interested in reducing the rapid growth of immigrants coming to America. In 1700 and early 1800s immigrants were welcome but people were afraid the customs, culture and the new blood they were bringing over with them. Fair (Federation for American Immigration Reform) influence the immigration policy because now undocumented people can come to America and be a green card holder, it gave them more benefits to do more things. Since the beginning of the twentieth century more than one million immigrants have came to America (legal and undocumented). Immigration has came a long way from border patrols taking Mexicans away, Chinese labor and 9.5 million people coming before the policy changed. America did have a better change but we need more changes to help America become better again.

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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