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Letter To Our President 2016

Our country is one of the strongest nations in the whole world. We are known for our bravery, freedom, and opportunities. We cannot give this away because America has worked so hard to form this country. Our country may not be as strong or opportunity filled like before but, we can always stand strong and achieve the United States of America that we know of.

To The President of The United States,

Our country needs its strength and name back. We cannot afford to destroy the values of our country because America has worked so hard to get where it’s at. The problem is, America is on its way to the down point. This first world country is losing all its value and we shouldn’t accept that. I am aware that we are facing so many issues in our country today. But, we also have to address one of our issues, U.S. immigration. People from other countries are so attracted to our country because our doors are wide open to all of them and we have vast sources in our country. For example, threat of starvation led Ireland’s population to come to the U.S. for a better life in the 1840s and 1850s. The main source of food in Ireland which are potatoes stopped growing due to fungus in the soil led the population to immigrate to the United States. While immigrants from China came into the United States to escape drought in their home country.

I believe that we should help other people from other countries but we cannot always solve other country’s problems and we should limit the amount of immigrants coming into our country. We should admit a third or less of the amount of immigrants from the U.S. population so overpopulation or lack of jobs does not occur in our country. An immigrant deserves the opportunity just like American citizens, but these immigrants should have good intentions in America if they reside here. Immigrants help the United States flourish in a way that they act as the foundation for businesses and industries just like how the U.S. acts as a foundation for these foreigners because the U.S. is providing immigrants an opportunity filled life. One of the reasons why immigrants appreciate what America has to offer is because foreigners do not get the opportunity that they get from their own country. Immigrants have had different reasons to reside in America. Some came to escape war, poverty, to practice the religion of their choice, or have the opportunity to own their own land.

I personally did not get the same opportunities in my country that I have received here in America. Coming from a third world country makes me realize how great of a nation America is because the education, jobs, and social services are nothing like what we have in my own country. Even though America is facing an epidemic right now I am still proud and lucky to be in this country because I am surrounded by brilliant minds and amazing opportunities. If we have a better immigration policy then we can be an even better country and have more allies because of our great economy and strong foundation. We do not have to hand all our support to other countries and their citizens but, if we support them with a limit our country and the other country can benefit from that support. I say “limit” because America and our own citizens should be prioritized than anyone else. We should plan something that will not take jobs away from Americans but, at the same time give jobs to immigrants.

If someone is willing to sacrifice their life to be in this country, then he/she should get the same rights as an American citizen. About the topic on being an American citizen, I believe that immigrants should not go through a 100 question civics test on the citizenship test about the history of America to be an American citizen. The reason for this is because Americans didn’t go through that to call themselves as an “American” citizen, so why should other people go through something like a “civics” test to be in the same position? This is truly unfair for immigrants to go through a process like this so they can prove that they can also become an American citizen here in America. Another example to show that we should improve our immigration policy is the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. This act restricted Chinese immigration into the United States. Thinking back, I find it very unfair because Chinese people were and still are harmless people and all they did was work hard. If this act against harmless people was acted upon back then, then why can’t we also have an act for harmful people trying to destroy our country? With that being said, we should have a better immigration policy so our country can be as strong as it can be.                 

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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