Braulio California

Break the wall of immigration

Dear Future President, I am writing this letter to inform you about a topic that we are currently fighting, Immigration. I have currently thought of a better idea instead of building a wall. The reason for this is because building a wall will not help stop illegal immigration from happening because then that will cause more trouble. Some of these troubles are having even more debt because of how much debt the u.s. has with different countries is $1.5 thousand dollars. The other reason the wall couldn’t stop illegal immigration because many people could go on airplanes other than by foot. We could try to hire more people on borders and airports to try to stop illegal immigration or try to check id’s or if the id doesn’t match the same person we could try to hire more people for that. Another problem leading to building a wall is what Donald Trump or other people say that Mexicans are bad people when in actuality the in fact aren’t. In my opinion the people that do this should be either arrested or given a fee because they are falsely saying this. Another case of illegal immigration is underground so I am thinking of putting something to make it unbreakable except on farming grounds. I am also asking how would a wall stop immigrants and why should Mexico pay for the wall because in my opinion that is the worst since you’re just trying to make other countries poor. We also don’t need to build a wall since America has the lowest immigration. Also 1 million immigrants are permanent residents. Mexico’s immigration has decreased since 2009. Another fact is that in 2014 there have been 11.1 million unauthorized immigrant are in the u.s.not to mention about this it won’t instantly stop immigration. Sincerely, Braulio Tinajero

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