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Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is clearly a problem and I have solutions.

Dear Future President,

Clearly from the presidential debate illegal immigration is a great issue that causes a lot of disagreement. An opinion about illegal immigration is that all of them are bad (commit crimes, take our jobs etc.) and should not be allowed to enter the country. Most of these accusations are made against men, but 67% of all illegal immigrants are women and children under twelve. Also when people make an accusation of these illegal immigrants they falsely say that they “steal” our jobs. If you think about it they come here with the clothes on their backs and no education therefore how could they steal your position in an office with no right education. The jobs that they are offered are minimum wage paying jobs and even sometimes even less to take advantage of the desperate illegal immigrants trying to support their families.

Secondly, you have to put yourself in their position, imagine you live in a town that experiences gun violence everyday and people die every so often. When you have a family of four it can be hard exposing young children to such violence in their community which is supposed to be where you feel safe. Getting a visa can take up to 2 years due to the never ending waiting list, but these families don’t have that type of time when their lives are at risk. Therefore they flee their country in search of better lives in America which is supposed to be the land of freedom. They have no choice, but to come illegally.

I have solutions for the problems.

One is to make Visas and Greencards ALOT easier to obtain. Meaning open more processing facilities and increasing the amount of workers (creating more jobs) to make getting the proper papers and identification. 

Another solution is to raise the minimum wage. Many workers as well as illegal ones have no office job so they work in easy-to-get-job places, such as fast food locations or chain restaurants. By raising the minimum wage people that have these type of jobs have more of a chance supporting their families. 

My final solution is to make America what we say we can offer "the land of freedom" where everyone is treated with equality and everyone has a chance to live in this country. 

These are just some answers to major problems in this country.