John R. Pennsylvania

Police shooting

Police need to be better trained to avoid shooting incident people.

Dear Future President,                                                             October 2016

               It is the policeā€™s job to protect us not hurt us. Recently the police have

been violent hurting people who don't deserve it. We should make sure

police are trained to avoid unnecessary violence.

            To train the police men we should have a training room were fake

cardboard cutouts that pop up out of nowhere some of them with a gun and

some without. You shoot the ones with a gun and if you hit them

You saved someone's life, but if you shoot someone without, a gun you killed

a family. This will help to see what they are doing. To make sure there is

less risk of someone dying.

                This matter is not helping or making it safer for us we need to make

precautionary measures. If the police do shoot someone for no reason

they should go to jail. Because it is not fair that if we shoot someone for no

reason we go to jail for a long time, but if they do it they don't they just get


                I say we get better training, and we crack down on how serious this

matter is, it should be fair. All lives matter especially the ones that the

police have been shooting. We need better training I know I have said that

a lot, but it is very important. Every year they should have a evaluation to

see if their reflexes are still sharp. And if they fail they have to retest until

they pass.

                So I propose that we have better trying and more evaluations. So that

when this does happen again we know how to handle it.




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