William F. Pennsylvania

Immigration: An Unsolvable Cycle of Fear

This letter is basically explaining that immigration will always happen no matter what anyone tries to do. Either legally or illegally. We need to accept this and progress as a nation.

It's that time of the year again, or should I say, America’s history? The time where everyone gets worked up and afraid of a non-existent problem. A time where so-called solutions might come into play, only to open the doors for another group to immigrate. In 1849, the gold rush bloomed and Chinese immigrants began to immigrate to the United states for a better life. These Chinese immigrants were hard working individuals who took the jobs that many Americans weren't taking and helped the country progress, both financially but also in its infrastructure. Then suddenly, the American people became afraid of a nonexistent problem and in 1882 the Chinese exclusion act took place. This prohibited immigration of the Chinese to America for 10 years. Although the Chinese immigrants did take the jobs of some Americans, their hard work and resiliency allowed the country to progress. Of course, this fear did not solve any immigration problem as in 1881 to 1920, over 23 million immigrants migrated into the United States. Many of these people were from eastern and southern Europe as political and religious problems were occurring. History shows that stopping one group of people from entering the country does not solve anything and it will only allow another group to enter it. The problem is our inability to accept those willing to help our country progress.. If we allowed ourselves to accept those who are willing to help the United States progress, it would be a win and win situation. Not only will this allow the United States to progress, but I will also allow those looking to help, to have a better life.

Of course, I am not saying accept anyone that comes in. The United States have too many hidden enemies for that, however, I am not telling you to block others from entering either. Let's make it all clear: illegal immigration is unstoppable, there will always be people in some way or another entering the country, therefore, we should focus on how we can manage these immigrants. If these immigrants can be used properly, it will benefit the United States tremendously. I am also not saying to accept only those who are more capable as that will only worsen the situation. By taking the most capable people of a country and leaving it with the uneducated and poor, the country will be in a worse off state and more immigration will occur as people will look to America for a better life. The people that I know that came here were the rich and well off. One of them was a doctor, and just like this doctor many other doctors have been moving abroad. Even if it mean living as an illegal they would do it. Because of this, Brazil is suffering from many hospital related problems.

I propose that the United States build schools, especially for these immigrants. These schools won't be only used to teach English but other things such as STEM, culinary and others. This will allow them to gain experience, therefore, contributing better things to society. There already are schools like this but for other kinds of people based on race and religion, so why not a school for immigrants? If this is too difficult and expensive we can open a system similar to ILPs to allow these immigrants to learn from those experienced. This will help encourage them to contribute to society and go through the process of becoming legal, further helping America grow.

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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