Jasmine M. Texas

Abortion is Murder

A fetus is a human not a mistake.

Dear future President,

A fetus is a human being in the making, abortion is when a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy by taking the life of an unborn child. Abortion is inhumane and should not be legal due to irresponsible people willing to get rid of a problem they created. In my opinion not every child is perfect so why should they be punished for it. According to an academic article reviewing research studies from 1995 to 2011, between 60 to 90 percent of terminated pregnancies are because the fetus has a birth defect such as down syndrome. Last time I checked killing a person is murder, a crime from which you can be charged for. Why are abortion clinics still open? We can save thousands of children’s lives by making abortion illegal under certain circumstances such as rape. I hope you make the right decision future president our nation is now in your hands.

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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