Amaya O. North Carolina


How can abortion be bad?

Dear future president,

When you become president you have to protect american civilians and since abortion is still legal you aren't really doing a good job. There are issues that need to be solved quickly, but the one topic issue I’m going to talk to you about is abortion. The amount of abortions are increasing every year. Soon the population growth will decrease faster than the population growth can increase. Women sometimes have to get an abortion for serious reasons like disease, rape, death, illness, etc. Women feel depressed, shame, rage, or they feel guilt after the abortion procedure. Some women don’t want an abortion but they have no choice.

According to wikipedia, wikipedia says “since 2010 the total amounts of abortions in 6 years is 51,923,070”. Now you and I know that’s a lot of abortions, it would be a good idea to decrease the amount of abortions each year. The abortions will keep increasing year by year if you don't do anything about it. We don't have to ban abortions but we shouldn’t let a women get an abortion for no reason, because a lot of women do that. All people have different opinions about abortion but still we should decrease the amount of abortions.

People say it’s wrong that some people don’t have human rights. Even though unborn babies are a human being as well it has organs it has arms and legs and it has the same functions as you and I. We don't even give the unborn baby a chance to live it's life that's unfair to the unborn baby. Unborn babies should have rights to, I would think that everybody wanted a chance to live. So why would women want to take their right’s away even though women also want human beings to have their rights?

God created everybody, he makes no mistake with us. So if you're just killing a unborn baby you’re throwing away god’s creation. What if you didn't kill that unborn baby it could've been a hero, the next olympic winner, the next nobel prize winner. You never know what a baby would of turned into, but now we will never know what all of those unborn dead babies would of turned into now because those women who carried those miracles in their stomach’s are now all dead.

It is up to you future president will you allow another hero to be killed without a choice? Will you let another one of god’s creation’s be thrown away? Or will you just not let all humans have their rights to get a chance at life? Just think about this what if your parents sent you off to be studied because they didn’t want you.

Sincerely, Amaya O.

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