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I am writing this letter about one of the major political issues, abortion.

Dear Future President,

There are a few more days until election day. I am assuming that the person that is reading this letter is happy about being in the position of representing the United States of America. There are important roles for this job. President needs to deal with political issues, solve problems, create justice for the citizens. However, political issues are difficult to to deal with because each person has different opinions upon these problems. For example, abortion is one of the most difficult problems to solve. I believe that abortion should be legal for rare cases. Many might say that life is important and irreplaceable, but there are negative results caused by illegalizing abortion.

In the third debate, Clinton mentioned about supporting abortion for women. She said it is important to support women's decision and they should have the right to control over their life, but abortion needs to be used safely and rarely. Accepting abortion is not for wasting innocent life, it is for women to have the equal ability to participate in the social and economic life.

I think abortion should be accepted for also for the baby’s future. The future of the fetus can be determined by the environment and the experience in their future. Psychologists says kids with a lovable family tend to be more successful, than those who did not. I believe that it is unfortunate for the new life if they were unwanted by his or her family. Abortion might be a better choice if the parents do not desire to have a child and are not capable of raising them.

If you believe that abortion should not be accepted, please reconsider your idea and decision. Your choice may affect all of us in the United States.


A student from Santa Clara High School  

Santa Clara High School

Seniors in ERWC @ SCHS

Santa Clara High School 12th grade students writing in periods 3, 4, and 6 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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